Month: September 2019

September 30, 2019

Why We should not vote For Gota and Pohottuwa

Recently I wrote a Article about why we should not bring Sajith. Sajith also has various faults. Today i am writing about why we should not vote for Gotabaya including Pohottuwa. Then You can decide Lasantha Wickramathunga Case Thaajudeen Case Grant Permission to build the Eastern University. Rathu Passala Murder Night race in colombo and Kandy (Infront of Maligawa) Hedge Agreement Colombo beggars incident Satellites […]

September 30, 2019

Sinhala Wela katha Bad keyword everywhere

In srilanka Now days lot of Google searching for Sinhala wela katha and some bad keywords. Its always not good for country. In some years srilanka was top among searching keyword of “sex”. I was very disappointing to see the google result of Sinhhala wela katha Sinhala wela katha pdf sinhala wal katha From these we can identify how majority of srilankan mindset. Government Also […]

September 30, 2019

Vinu Siriwardena on action

Vinu siriwardena is Very beautiful actress. She is now 27 years old. She has acted on Ahelapola Kumarahamee Pathithini Yama Raja Siri Goree Vinu Siriwardena is second and Younger sister and Elder brother have. She has Studied in Anula vidyalaya Colombo Special thing is that Vinu won the Miss veet srilanka award 2012. She is presenter , Singer , Acting also.

September 30, 2019

Mahesh Senanayake Contesting for Election

Mahesh Senanayake was Former Army Commander in srilanka. Srilanka Janatha wiyaparaya is the party for Mehesh Senanayake. More Than 30 Civil organization have backed to Mahesh senanayake. But As per statistics Gotabaya is front but the problem is 200,000-500,000 votes vanished. As per Mahesh Senanayke Bio. Mahesh Senanayake was from Ananda College. Mahesh joined the Army 16th October 1981. He done a Good job during […]

September 29, 2019

Who kills Elephants In Habarana forest- Big confusion

6 Elephants have died with out clue. They not get any shoots or wound. Some believes that poison foods given to the elephants. What is the reason for killing these innocent animals. Most are saying that this done due to political agenda. I think all knows what has happened. 7 bodies has found. what type of mindset they have. Curse them forever.

September 29, 2019

Why we should not give for UNP Again

Today My topic is Why we should not give for UNP again. I am going to describe it by point form. On 2015 we selected the Maithreepala Sirisena as President and bring the “Yahapalanaya” But these bullshit happens from UNP Government. Biggest Bank Fraud with 10 Billion with the rate of 12.05 %. Cut the Loan Amount of Daya Gamage (BOC loan) Sajith Has Fraud […]

September 29, 2019

What is Bitcoin and how to earn profits from BTC

Everyone likes to earn money. Bitcoin also a Investment that can earn millions of profits. Basically Bitcoin is a Digital Currency and its always survive on the Internet. Nobody can not touch or feel it. Blockchain is the main technology and its a public ledger. Everyone have the records and unable hack the entire ledger. Experts of the Information technology says that hacking of Blackchain […]

September 28, 2019

Why we should not give vote to sajith

As per Social Statistics this bring you. Sajith Premadasa is Former Ranasighe Premadas’s Son. Sajith also From the unp. UNP party just a International mafia and acting according to Non government organizations. Not Like Ranil, Sajth was introduced to the properganda by Kili maharaja. Kili Maharaja is the owner of the Sirasa TV station and Maharaja Organization. Sirasa Give special promotion on thier air time […]

September 28, 2019

What happened to Damith Asanka

Damith Asanka was great singer and alternative to chamara weerasinghe. Most people love the damith asanka’s Voice. Damith Asanka’s popular songs are Mage Prathama Adare Amma mata dunna duk ginna There are several songs in the heart. Recently we have got bad news from him. He is not well speaking now. He was in jail too. Now he is participating musical shows and voice is […]

September 27, 2019

Vote For Sajith Means accepting the 21st April Easter Attacks

Minister Badureen and Hakeem all are behind the Sajith. Sajith Always welcome those. This time Sajith Need to prove ranil that he can boost the UNP again. For that Sajith do what ever he can. When speaking Sajith on stages , All statements are with lame words. No professional and Visionary words. This time we need to vote anti Badurdeen party. Its the best thing. […]