April 8, 2020
are there any coronavirus cases in the us

Are there any coronavirus cases in us

CoronaVirus is the Most dangerous virus that the world face. Currently, there is no medicine for that. All Americans ask “are there any coronavirus cases in the us” these days

Over 3000 Dead bodies and 100000 Over official cases have reported.

The corona cases in the united stated of America gradually increasing. As per the New York Times, database 152 Patients from 16 Districts have found.

Countries like South Korea, Italy In those countries Coronavirus is spreading more viral. 40 Dead bodies in South Korea and 100 Dead Bodies found in Italy. It’s a very sad tragedy.

In the United States, Washinton DC has more corona cases than other states. 12 new Cases has Found on D.C. New Case Found in California and its Outside of Washinton DC.

Currently, 11 Deaths found in the United States of America. Some cases still not confirmed yet.

On California Confirmed 51 cases found, Washington 44 cases found , Texas 11 Corona Cases Found and 11 Cases Found in New York too.

Nearly 50 Americans On Princess diamond Cruise Ship have influenced by the Virus. They already on the treatment basis.

This Coronavirus is not hit the Human’s health but also to the economy too. Some economies drastically going down.

We can pray all will get soon recovery. I will bring more articles about coronavirus cases in us

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