Gotabaya Rajapaksha Won the Srilanka Presidential Election

Gotabaya Rajapaksha is Mahinda Rajapaksha’s brother and Mahinda was the 5th Executive president in srilanka.

After very serious competition Gotabaya Rajapskha Won the election 2020.

Gotabaya Rajapskha is very capable leader in history. We can refer Gota for Gotobaya rajapaksha.

If you go to the past , Gota done a big job on LTTE war. He was Defense Secretary and later he done urban Development job too.

Sajith Premadasa got 5.3 Million votes and Gota 6.9 Million Votes so thats huge difference.

Anyway We know that Gota can improve our country and he has proven it.

All the best to Gotabaya

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