how to do Jailbreak iOS 13

There are a lot of tools kit for jailbreak. But most cases all are using the checkra1n and Pangu jailbreak. Recently check release the jailbreak iOS 13 jailbreak.

Jailbreak software You can download it from here. I will bring more jailbreak tools in the near future.

Download Now

First step is you need to download the checkra1n to the PC or laptop. Currently chackra1 supports for the Mac computers only. Windows and Linux version is on the way.

After downloading you need to connect it with iTunes and synchronize to the iPhone .
Now you can open the Cydia ,inside the jailbreak a software and reboot the phone again. Now you can do whatever you can you can install the third-party applications without and restrictions.

I will Bring more Article when the Checra1n Windows Version Released.

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