How to rich and wealthy in srilanka
September 5, 2019

Tips to Get Rich In Srilanka

By admin

Everyone Keen to rich but does not know how to get rich steady way.

Rich does not come very quickly it takes time. If rich comes very instant thats the black money.

As per my experience we need to increase the income sources and reduce the expenses too.

If you are saudi oil man or son of bill gates then no need to think income sources and deducting expenses.

Dedication of work up to 5 years to 10 years its the secreat of the sucess. you have close and ask from rich people how they rich.

Sometimes they say that they never sleep for 4 hours for 5 years. The spirit of determination have to be keep for long time.

Today i am going to tell you about how to get but not quickly or instant.

  • Diversified your income sources

In Srilanka most are depends on single income. Specially the salary income.

what i recommended to you always diversify it. You can put some money in bank and get interest income , You can build a home and rent out.

You can do side business and earn some extra cash.

  • Do not invest your money in to one

There is a big meaning on that and do not put your all eggs in to one basket. we must reduce our risk of investment.

If you invested 100,000 Rs , Do not invest whole to Forex . Try to divide into three investments.

Try to invest Fixed Deposits and Treasury bills.

  • Take Risks

If you do not get risk you never rich. you can go through every and each wealthy persons profiles you see getting risk is the main factor.

These are the Three things that you should know before you enter to entrepreneurship and business life.

unless you doing a business or investment you can not buy a BMW or BENZ. Its a obvious thing.

First you make a Goal Plan . Please mention always the duration.

Some people have targets , and no deadline for it. It sucks.

I recommended 5 years is the best time frame for financial goals. If you are in 30’s , you have to archive your goals by 35.