What happened to Nathasha Perera

Natasha Perera well known in srilanka for one song. The song is “Sulagak wee man Enawa”. It was amazing song featuring with Edword jayakodi.

Natasha perera also very talented gitl. she can do presenting , dancing and acting too.

Nathasha was in some tele dramas and music videos too.

Now she is another country with her husband. Priyan is the husband of her. Priyan also done Music videos.

“Yayata payana Sitha” most famous among the fans.

Nathasha Perera popular videos are

Hitha hira wattana Featuring with Roshan Fernando(Flash Back)

Aradhana Music Video

Now Nathasha perera changed her skin type. She done a plastic surgery to face.

Shanudri Priyasad and Nathasha are best friends in Industry and they are from same age.

In 2012 She said that she needs to follow the law and needs to become a lawyer.

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