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November 20, 2019

Gotabaya Rajapaksha Won the Srilanka Presidential Election

Gotabaya Rajapaksha is Mahinda Rajapaksha’s brother and Mahinda was the 5th Executive president in srilanka. After very serious competition Gotabaya Rajapskha Won the election 2020. Gotabaya Rajapskha is very capable leader in history. We can refer Gota for Gotobaya rajapaksha. If you go to the past , Gota done a big job on LTTE war. He was Defense Secretary and later he done urban Development […]

September 22, 2019

Gotabaya Rajapaksha already won As per Statistics

Today i am going to show how gotabaya win the presidential campaign in srilanka. I am going to prove by the statistics. Recently Held Provincial Election on 2018. Podhu jana peramuna (New Party by Basil Rajapaksha) well known as pohottuwa. They Got 5 Million Votes. So those votes for Gotabaya Definitly. United National Party got 3.6 Million votes. Srilanka Muslim congress (SLMC) – 100,000 Votes […]

August 14, 2019

Gotabaya Rajapaksha in kandy

Gotabaya Rajpaksha now contesting from pohottuwa pakshaya. Most are now waiting for giving vote for Gotabaya. Most people of srilanka demanding the national security of country. Gotabaya is the suitable person for it. Here are pictures of the Gotabaya visit to Srilanka Dalalda Maligawa. Gota was former Defense secretary.

August 13, 2019

Gotabaya Rajapaksha our 2020 president

Gotabaya Rajapaksha is former Secretary to Defense. He is powerful character to srilanka. He has very strong personality to guide srilanka to new level. When he was in Army He played very prominent role . This is my personal Opinion . We have seen that Gotabaya played a good role when the war was going. He communicate with all the hierarchies and got the correct […]

August 11, 2019

Gotabaya Rajapaksha -The new Presidential Candidate in srilanka

Former presidents Mahinda Rajapaksha’s brother Gotabaya (Gota) rajapaksha going to be contest for the next presidential election in srilanka. Now most are Moving to this personality because he has done a prominent role when he was Secretary to Defense of srilanka government. President Maithree pala sirisena not focusing for the next election. He also done a big role on 2015- now. He has Reduced Executive […]