Small Business Ideas In srilanka

If you are planning for to do a business in srilanka. I can guide you from my extensive knowledge. There are tons of viable business ideas.

People in srilanka are keen to make things easy . Sometimes they can pay what ever they can for it. From it We have take advantage.

  1. Fast Food Restaurant

Now Most of people are very likely to eat from outside. This has happened due to jobs. Most Jobs are now away from the hometown.

Colombo or suburbs has the most jobs for employees. Single person eats three meals from out side.

So there is a huge market for fast food restaurants.

I can recommended you that now people go after the healthy and eco foods. Please concern about it. If the customers get to know that this business has quality foods then everyone around it.

2. Communication center Business

Its not traditional Communication center. It has to equipped with modern printing machines , scanning machines and some electronic equipment’s.

Most of the communication centers selling mobile phones separately , its a quite good thing.

Likewise please diversified the products its good thing to increase profit.

3.Door Step delivery Service

The third option to do business in srilanka is door step delivery service. I earlier said that srilanka people are more busy as well as lazy.

We can get advantage from it so please get a commission and do door delivery service.

You can see Pickme and Uber eats they know the customers behavior so they deliver services to fingertip too.

4.Freelancer Services

This is quite new to srilankan culture , Even the word too. But As per world statistics No 1 country for freelancer service is goes to UK and Pakistan for 4th country.

Before doing the freelance service , You have to get the best knowledge what you going to do.

As per example , If you planning to do logo Design , Study it first to the extreme otherwise you can not continue.

Now most are conducting Tax consultation and Law consulting as freelance.

These 4 business ideas you can do and i will bring more in near future

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