What is the Best Car options to buy Under 40 Lks

In srilanka Most are Expecting to buy a car and its a big dream of their life.

As per my experience i am giving best recommendation to buy these vehicles

  • Allion 2003
  • Allion 2008
  • Yaris 2008
  • AXIO G Grade 2013

Allion 2003 is very good vehicle. Its the most Perfect Allion i have ever seen.

Now almost 16 years old car and can be more repairs to be done. There has to be more than 100,000 KM or more running .

Average Running Miles per Liter is About 13-15 KM.

Allion 2008 is also good car and compare to 2003 its always big one. There are two models

  • 1500CC Engine
  • 1800CC Engine

For 1500CC Engine the fuel consumption is very great. Within city limits 10-15 KM and Out station 18Km -20Km Per litre.

I have personally used Yaris and its economical car. It average fuel consumption is 12- 15 KM per liter.

Its Family car and No so much options but can manage it.

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